The law “On the state flag of Uzbekistan” was passed on November 18, 1991, at the 8th session of the Supreme Soviet of Uzbekistan.

The symbols reflect a strong political power being present on this territory, as well as natural, national and cultural characteristics.

The sky blue color symbolizes the blue sky and clean water. The azure color is considered in the East with respect. It was the color of Amir Temur’s flag.

The white color symbolizes peace and cleanliness. The young independent state must overcome great hurdles on its path. White means good wishes for a clean bright path.

Green reflects nature. The movement in the world to protect nature is growing and uses green as well.

Red is for the life force, pulsing in each living being, the symbol of life.

The half moon reflects the age-old traditions of the people of Uzbekistan. The half moon and stars symbolize the clear sky of peace. There are 12 stars, 12 being a sign of perfection.
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