Chronicle of independence

Newly created web site “Chronicle of Independence” presents chronology of events and facts on Uzbekistan from Independence Day, 31 August 1991, up to date, including political, democratic and economic reforms in the country, carried out under guidance of President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, for last 15 years.

Today, we recall 15 years of Independence with honour. After independence, we understand who we are and started to rehabilitate our customs, traditions, religion and now living peacefully as single nation.

Uzbekistan has it own role in international community today. Our motherland attracted attention of other nations with its strong government and fruitful reforms on construction of democratic nation, internal and external policy, as well as its wide-scale construction works.

This virtual chronicle presents information on path of Uzbekistan during independence years, its difficulties, development of economy, construction of peaceful and secure country, initiatives of Uzbekistan in international arena and others.

The web site consists of four sections – Government and Society, Economy, Social Life and Foreign Policy. The web site has Constitution of Uzbekistan, State Anthem, Biography of President of Uzbekistan and examples of his books, photo and video materials.

Web site “Chronicle of Independence” used archive photo and video materials of the Press Service of the President of Uzbekistan.

The web site is in Uzbek, Russian and English and it will be regularly updated with information on life of Uzbekistan.
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Today: 01.11.2020
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