Dear compatriots!

Distinguished guests!

The delightful holiday of Navruz is coming these bright days to our blessed and magnificent Motherland with a breath of beautiful spring.

It is my great pleasure to congratulate you, dear fellow citizens, and our entire nation from the bottom of my heart on this beloved holiday and express my deepest respect and sincerest wishes.

From among the many pleasant holidays and occasions that our nation marks, the festival of Navruz has been special, reflecting the awakening and rebirth of nature, the life itself.

For our people Navruz has always been the most ancient and a genuinely national holiday, free of any political connotations. It is also dear to us for its embodiment of such eternal and universal of our traditions as humanism and compassion, mutual help and magnanimity.

Acknowledged as the New Year in Eastern calendar, Navruz is a distinctive symbol of perpetual cycle of life, the might and infinite generosity of nature that stimulates the noble and creative aspirations in people’s hearts.

Every one of us – the elderly and the young, men and women, irrespective of their ethnicity, language and religion – look forward to marking this splendid holiday with impatience and a great inspiration.

From times immemorial it has been a good tradition to celebrate the festival in every family, every mahalla with an open heart and greet it thus, “Navruz, welcome to our blessed land! May peace and wellbeing come to our homes, towns and villages with you!”

Just with these very thoughts, gracious and pure, hopes of rich harvest do our diligent farmers sow the seeds in the soil warmed by the spring warmth.

And today, on these radiant days, we express our heartfelt wish to our selfless and industrious farmers and all those hard-working people that all their endeavors and noble aspirations come true, and that luck accompany them all the time.

In this captivating season, when the whiff of spring is common felt, the trees are in bud and first shoots are there, every one of us feels the natural need in noble and bright deeds, in living in harmony with nature, tries to pay more attention and care for their families, seniors, friends and kin, express love and respect to them. The elderly are given honored places at festivities and shows, at the holiday table to taste the traditional meals like sumalak and halim.

During Navruz days one can observe everywhere that such righteous qualities and customs pertaining to our people throughout ages like the desire to live in peace and harmony, to render a gratuitous help to those in need – the disabled and the sick and the lonely, – obtain blessings of the revered elderly, are acquiring wider appeal and getting filled with new substance.

A bright expression of our national character, these genuinely wise, exceptional customs filled with deep humanistic meaning, have been greatly admired.

Without any doubt, our people has been able to carefully preserve these priceless traditions and values in tune with the spirit and philosophy of Navruz, across centuries, and pass them on to the current generations, is rightfully worth all the respect

Dear compatriots!

We feel pleased and enthusiastic about the steadfast and dynamic pace of development of our nation, our considerable accomplishments in building a new society and new life, in raising the wellbeing of people, our confident strides towards gaining a well-deserved place among the developed democracies.

When speaking about high outcomes and cutting edges, accomplished first and foremost owing to the self-sacrificing and laborious diligence of our people, a well-thought-out and rational use of our capacities, I would like draw your attention to the following two points.

First, I think it will hardly be a mistake to note that all our achievements in these turbulent and challenging times, amid the ongoing global financial downturn, are the outcome of peace and tranquility consolidating in this country, interethnic and civil harmony, religious tolerance, the environment of friendship and mutual respect among the people.

Our times require that we cherish this incomparable wealth as the apple of the eye, that we always be vigilant.

Second, these noble gains and achievements we have been securing in our life are the due result of mutually advantageous cooperation with the international community, nations adjacent to us and those far abroad, and above all the neighboring countries, and we stand for further deepening of such collaboration.

The spirit of Navruz urges all of us to live with these very thoughts and gracious aspirations.

Availing myself of this opportunity, standing from this high rostrum, I would like to express gratitude the esteemed ambassadors of foreign countries and representatives of international organizations attending this occasion, all our friends who share our successes and joyful days, and cordially congratulate them on the holiday of Navruz.

Distinguished fellow citizens!

Time and again, at this unforgettable and grand celebration, I would like to express my respect from the bottom of my heart our esteemed mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, our children who are assuming an ever decisive role in our life.

May you always be safe and sound, may all your dreams and desires come true!

Let peace and affluence, wellbeing and abundance reign in each and every household, and our entire nation!

Let Navruz be blessed for all of us, dear friends!

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Today: 15.07.2020
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