President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has greeted the people of the country on the New Year, conveying sincere respect and kindest wishes.

Seeing off the year 2010, we inadvertently revisit its certain pages, including moments of joy as well as intricacy, we realize the values of our life and are thankful for everything granted to us, the head of state pointed out.

“In our swiftly changing times, when instability, disagreements and conflicts persist in the world and in our region, every person living on this land thoroughly realizes how invaluable peace and calmness in our homes are, and how important it is to secure and maintain the peace and mutual respect among the people, international and inter-religious harmony reigning in our country,” the President stressed.

“I believe all of us perfectly understand that everything that comes to our homes, everything achieved by our nation over the past year – all of this is brought about, first and foremost, thanks to the self-sacrificing and tireless work of everyone on his or her workplace: in agriculture, in industrial production, the social sector, in short, everywhere our people work.

“I am convinced that despite many, sometimes gigantic difficulties and tests that we have had to face, the year 2010 has for our country been successful and rewarding in many respects,” Islam Karimov continued.

A testimony to this has been the fact that the nation’s economy grew by 8.5 percent in the past year amid the global financial and economic downturn still distressing the world, while the national budget been implemented with a 0.3 percent surplus to the GDP.

“Crucially, the 23.5 percent rise in the real incomes of population in the past year confirms the growing wellbeing of our people; salaries, pensions, stipends and social allowances increased by 32 percent,” President Karimov noted.

In 2010, declared as the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation, enormous volume of work has been carried out to create the needed environment for upbringing our children, increasing their intellectual, spiritual and moral potential, to achieve the noble goal of raising an independently thinking generation of young people, able to take on the responsibility for the country’s future, the President said.

“Reviewing the past year on this wonderful holiday night, I consider it my duty to express to all of you, my dear compatriots, regardless of your nationality, language and religion, the words of sincere gratitude for your honest and conscientious work, for everything you do for the wellbeing of our people, for the flourishing of our common home that bears a glorious name of Uzbekistan,” Islam Karimov said.

The head of nation further expressed confidence that the year 2011, declared as the Year of Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship, will become a new important phase in the further progress of our state and society.

“In the new year, it is designed to do our best to ensure steady growth rates of our economy, which should not be lower than those in the past year, for its modernization, technical and technological renovation, to keep with the step-by-step policy to increase the living standards and welfare of the country’s population,” the head of state added.

“Suffice it to state that in 2011, almost 60 percent of national budget expenditures will be directed at advancing the social sphere, and the funds used for the development of healthcare, education and cultural sphere will significantly increase, while the salaries, pensions, allowances and stipends will rise by at least 25 percent.”

In the meantime, we understand that perhaps the single most critical precondition to implement the tasks set for 2011 and longer prospective is the unwavering persistence in our policy of reforms aimed at renewing and modernizing the nation, building a prosperous democratic state and civil society, President Karimov stressed.

“We can accomplish these goals only if we are able to mobilize all our resources, our capacities, the tremendous potential of the country augmented for these past years, and, crucially, if these objectives become the meaning and purpose of life for every one of us living on this blessed land.

“I believe all of this, as the past years have shown, is quite realizable, we can accomplish all of this,” Islam Karimov said.

“May the new year bring peace and prosperity, happiness and loads of joy to every home, to every family! May peace reign in our homes and on our sacred land, and a clear sky above our Motherland!” the country’s leader concluded his greeting.

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Today: 15.07.2020
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