My dear sons and daughters!

Dear mentors and coaches!

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on the official start of Universiada-2010 in the unique and plentiful land of Andijan.

It is hardly a secret today that the international community appreciates and respects only those peoples who take good care of their national ideals, value their honor and dignity, confident in their strength and power, able to defend their Motherland, to build future with their own hard work and intellect. 

We look primarily to our nation’s younger generation as a decisive force in pursuing our splendid goals, – a generation that is physically sound, firm of purpose, that relies on the latest knowledge and achievements of progress, and that has high moral ideals. 

Therefore, we cannot but rejoice that our nationwide programs, plans and initiatives directed at bringing up a generation inferior to no one in any way, at discovering and realizing its talents and abilities, in short, at creating ample opportunities for our children – have already been granting tangible positive outcomes.

Indisputable evidence of this noble and truly historic work are the numerous modern schools, lyceums and colleges, universities, institutions of culture, arts and sports built throughout the nation.

We can rightfully pride ourselves in the large-scale execution of policies that eventually brought about an encouraging environment for comprehensive advancement of individual, whereby physical training and sports are spread widely, when children's sport enjoys dynamic development in towns and villages. The latter is fundamental in educating our children strong and brave, with an unyielding willpower that undeniably will serve to consolidate the values of healthy lifestyle in our society.

Suffice it to recall that nearly 160 billion soums have been employed in recent years by the Fund for the Development of Children's Sports alone, with 1,130 facilities commissioned.

We feel delighted that the unique three-tier system formed in our country – comprising sports games Umid Nihollari (Offsprings of Hope), Barkamol Avlod (Advanced Generation) and the Universiada, – has turned into a powerful mass movement and drawn millions and millions of our children in, precipitating their physical and ethical growth. Crucially, the highest stage of this structure – the Universiada – has proven a genuine school for physical tenacity and perfection for the young people.

It would be no exaggeration to suggest that conducted for the fifth time, this scheme of student sports games has for the past ten years occupied a critical place in the life of not merely the immediate participants, but also all youths and girls, all our people, by turning into a mini-Olympics, figuratively speaking.

This is backed by the fact that more than 40 of our athletes who had achieved their first triumphs at the Universiada, subsequently rose to podiums of the Olympics, world and Asia championships, numerous prestigious international tournaments.

Our people take pride in gifted athletes who founded this good tradition. They include Abbos Atoev, Abdulla Tangriev, Rustam Saidov, Rishod Sabirov, Akgul Amanmuradova, Svetlana Radzivill, Sevara Kadirova, Saida Iskanderova, Vadim Menkov, Dilshod Mansurov, Elmurad Khalikov, who have lately been glorifying Uzbekistan worldwide.

In these exciting moments, we the parents and teachers look at your nice faces and see a formidable and vigorous generation in you, who set themselves high goals, who enter life with a broad worldview, and who is a commendable successor to reforms we started. Our hearts are filled with happiness and pride.

The Universiada in the Year of Comprehensively Advanced Generation bears a special, deeply symbolical meaning. One can understand and imagine that sports fans expect a good job and great accomplishments from every one of its participants.

Today, entering the sports arena in an elevated spirit, cheerful attitude and firm confidence in your strength, remember: a sacred Motherland dear for all of us is behind you, and our generous and selfless people bless every one of you to win.

As your hearts are filled with such faith, and this gracious feeling inspires your souls, I am convinced you can conquer any highest peak.

I take this opportunity to express my earnest gratitude to the builders, architects and engineers, contractors and sponsor organizations, all the people of Andijan, who have created and prepared modern sports complexes for the Universiada to be held at a high level.

Once more I congratulate you on the holiday of sport, youth and beauty. I wish you success and the best of luck in the competitions, happiness and triumphs in life.

Islam Karimov,  
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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Today: 15.07.2020
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