PRESIDENT SPEAKS AT NARVUZ CELEBRATIONS Navruz marks the onset of spring and has been an ancient feast that symbolizes compassion and forgiveness, generosity and prosperity.

Public festivities occasioned to Narvuz holiday were centered at Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan on Tuesday. President Islam Karimov participated at the event.

Members of government, people’s representatives and senators, arts folk, prominent figures in science, sports, culture and business, diplomatic corps and international organizations were invited to celebrations.

President Karimov delivered a greeting speech where sincerely congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on the holiday.

“Navruz is the symbol of eternal youth, happiness and renewal, the festival that all of us look forward to with impatience and associate our kindest wishes,” the Head of nation said.

“An embodiment of the start of new year in the East and the awakening of nature throughout the times, Navruz is the oldest and a genuinely national holiday of our people, an integral part of their rich spiritual world,” the President noted.

“Today, in all corners of our amazing Motherland – from Ferghana Valley to Surkhan Mountains, from infinite plains of Karakalpakstan to generous gardens of Samarkand and emerald landscapes of Tashkent oasis, – old and young are in harmony with nature, breathing the unique spirit and beauty of Navruz.”

“This wonderful holiday is celebrated by everyone of our compatriots who live in a single and united multinational family on this prosperous land of Uzbekistan in the atmosphere of peace and mutual respect,” the President stressed.

“On these brightest days of Navruz, our natives vividly demonstrate such noble features as caring for relatives and close ones, helping the people of age, supporting the ill and the lonely – in one word, brilliant samples of superior humanism,” Islam Karimov said.

“It is hardly accidental that the United Nations Organization, given the vital importance of Navruz in the development of human civilization, has declared it the International Day of Navruz to be marked from this year on, which makes us feel proud.”

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Today: 15.07.2020
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