Dear compatriots!

Distinguished guests!

It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate you and through you all the people with this great date in the history of our Motherland – the 18th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence – and to express to you my deep respect and reverence.

Dear friends!

It is no secret that no nation in the world, which strives for freedom and sovereignty, for the ability to decide its own fate, had not acquired such a great and invaluable gift as independence, and has not freed itself from the shackles of political and economic dependence easily and simply.

The history of our state also knows this truth, and we have experienced this truth ourselves.

Eighteen years ago, we proclaimed national independence, which our people dreamed of for centuries. During the past period on the way to the embodiment of noble hopes and aspirations, we have experienced considerable hardships and difficult exams, and we overcame enormous barriers. I am convinced that present and future generations will never forget this.

Today, on the eve of the truly great and the dearest holiday, summing up the results of the path we made, all of us, certainly, feels the great joy and pride for the fact that our people, relying solely on their strength and potential, chose their own path of development, and over the past memorable years, thanks to selfless work, courage and bravery, patience and generosity, has made substantial progress, which has been recognized throughout the world.

The life proves that the model of reforms to build the new society chosen by us and implemented stage-by-stage, nowadays, during the world financial crisis, again proves its correctness and full compliance with the interests of our people.

A clear proof of this is the stable economic growth rates, conquest of new frontiers, cardinal transformation of our country’s look, dynamic improvement of living standards, wages and incomes of the population achieved over the recent years, including this year.

A particular attention should be drawn to the fact that thanks to the new meaning of our society’s life, the consciousness and thinking of our people is changing, their political and legal culture, as well as and social activity is increasing, especially among young people, which creates a strong and solid foundation for the present and future successes.

Over the passed period, the hardworking and generous people of Uzbekistan have hardened in the difficult struggle towards independence in the full sense of the word, protecting it from all sorts of threats and attacks. Today, our people deeply realize the value of peaceful life in our country, they understand how important it is to preserve and strengthen inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony in the region.

In other words, over the past time, we have not turned off the chosen path, we have withstood all difficulties, no matter how hard they were.

And we will never give up the goals of building democratic state and civil society, we will not turn away from the path of creating a free and prosperous life for every person living in our holy land.

Dear compatriots!

Let me express my gratitude to all our friends, countries and peoples who over all these years have been friendly to us, supported us, assisted us and successfully cooperated with us, and wish them happiness and prosperity.

Let me also welcome the ambassadors of foreign states, representatives of international organizations and all foreign visitors, who are sharing our joy today, and express them my respect.

I consider it my duty and great honor to express gratitude on my behalf and on behalf of all our people to all our fellow countrymen, who are holding the responsibility for the fate and the future of Uzbekistan, who work selflessly, without sparing themselves, for the prosperity of the country, our esteemed veterans, who are always ready to share their experience with us.

I warmly congratulate and wish health and happiness to our dear women, who embody the beauty and grace, loyalty and devotion, which fill our lives with the light of goodness and love.

I welcome young men and ladies, whose eyes sparkle with young enthusiasm and energy, our sons and daughters who are a truly decisive force of tomorrow, as well as their wise teachers and mentors.

In the name of our Motherland, in the name of the people, and for the sake of our great future, I appeal to all young people of our country to always and everywhere defend the honor of our dear Uzbekistan!

Let me once again congratulate all of you, dear compatriots, with the 18th anniversary of the independence of our Motherland.

May peace always rule in our country, and may our people always prosper!

May the independence of Uzbekistan be eternal!

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Today: 02.07.2020
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