President Meets with French Foreign Minister
President Meets with French Foreign Minister

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic, at the Oqsaroy on March 2.

France’s top diplomat is currently on visit that is seen as a logical extension of what has lately been described as an intensive Uzbek-French dialogue activated to bolster the relations between our two nations. The two sides have been in contact to discuss also the pressing international and regional issues.

Greeting the guest, the head of our state noted that the cooperation between our two countries has recently been growing dynamically along with steadfast bilateral contacts. President Islam Karimov expressed gratitude for the sincere and kind wishes as well as the desire to expand the scope of relations between our two nations conveyed by President Francois Hollande in his letter.

In excess of twenty enterprises with French capital are currently operating in Uzbekistan in parallel with the accredited representative offices of a range of major companies.

A particular emphasis has been put at the meeting to the priority aspects of interaction in trade-economic area, to the implementation of mutually advantageous hi-tech joint projects with the involvement of leading French corporations, the leaders of which have arrived in Uzbekistan as part of the present delegation.

The two countries are set to attach a considerable significance to cooperation along the French Development Agency that is due to commence its activity in our country in line with the Memorandum on Understanding inked during the current visit.

Critical issues pertaining to boosting regional security and stability have been discussed during the conversation. The topics have included primarily the peaceful resolution to the protracted conflict in Afghanistan and the assistance needed in its socio-economic reconstruction.

Also, the enhancement of cultural and humanitarian bonds both on the interstate level and between civil society institutions has been addressed at the meeting.

Laurent Fabius has expressed gratefulness to the head of our state for a warm welcome and the opportunity to exchange views – under a constructive spirit – across a wide spectrum of issues of shared interest.

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Today: 13.07.2020
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