Ambassadors Present Credentials

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received credentials, at the Oqsaroy on February 5, from the newly appointed Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary – Nicolas Bruel of the Swiss Confederation, Muhammad Nur Osman Yusuf Balkar of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Muhammad Sadek Daudzai of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Guseyn Kuliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Greeting warmly the recently assigned heads of diplomatic missions, President Karimov congratulated them on the commencement of honorable and responsible duty in Uzbekistan, and wished every success in their undertakings directed at furthering the bilateral relations with our country.

The Uzbek-Swiss dialogue has traditionally been characterized as constructive and mutually advantageous. Both sides are interested in the steadfast enhancement of cooperation, primarily in trade-economic and investment areas.

Eighty-two enterprises with Swiss capital are operating currently in Uzbekistan. Business circles of our two nations have expressed interest in realizing joint hi-tech projects across economy sectors.

Ambassador Nicolas Bruel noted in particular the availability of considerable opportunities for the expansion of bilateral interaction, and said that he is willing to employ his best efforts to make a good use of this potential.

Uzbekistan and Jordan have garnered a joint positive experience of cooperation across spheres, first and foremost within the framework of multilateral institutions like the United Nations, the Islamic Cooperation Organization and other international bodies.

During the conversation that followed the presentation ceremony it has been stressed that the two sides are interested in boosting bilateral contacts in political, trade-economic, investment, cultural and humanitarian realms.

The Jordanian ambassador pointed out that the leadership of the Kingdom attaches a particular significance to the enlargement of ties with Uzbekistan, which, despite the adverse backdrop of the global financial and economic downturn, has been confidently displaying a sustainable dynamics of development that opens up new prospects for the promotion of interaction in diverse areas.

At the meeting with the Afghan ambassador, in turn, it has been stated that the historical bonds of friendship between our two countries and peoples, the ages-old traditions of neighborliness and mutual assistance constitute a reliable backbone for cementing the contemporary Uzbek-Afghan dialogue in all fields of shared interest.

Uzbekistan has always been important in Afghanistan’s socio-economic revival. Under direct involvement of our country, the Hairaton-Mazar-e-Sharif railroad was built and has now been operating, along with other infrastructure schemes. Electricity is supplied persistently to northern parts of Afghanistan as well as the capital Kabul.

According to Muhammad Daudzai, Uzbekistan’s assistance in the reconstruction of the Afghan economy is appreciated with deep gratitude in his country, and that a special emphasis is placed on bolstering the equally gainful ties with the Uzbek side, without which it is hardly possible to perceive of a constructive and fair solution to regional issues.

During the conversation with Azerbaijan’s ambassador it has been said that the bilateral relations have been evolving with dynamism and notable success across diverse tracks. The regular meetings at the highest level have allowed for candid discussion of pressing issues on both bilateral and international agendas.

The Uzbek President’s visit to Azerbaijan in October 2012 afforded a new impetus for the enhancement of cooperation in trade-economic, transport-communications and cultural-humanitarian areas.

Guseyn Kuliyev has assured the head of our state that he sees his principal task as an ambassador in essentially preserving and amplifying the accumulated practice of mutually useful relations, in helping promote the implementation of novel joint projects and agreements that would meet the interests of our two nations.

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Today: 15.07.2020
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