Uzbekistan, South Korea Discover New Horizons of Mutually Advantageous Cooperation

As it was reported earlier, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov arrived May 27 in Seoul on a state visit, at the invitation of President Park Geun-hye of the Republic of Korea.

The second day of the visit started from the travel by the President of our country to the National Memorial Complex that houses the burial remains of nearly 170 thousand people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the Republic of Korea.

The head of our state paid tribute to the fallen and laid a wreath to the Memorial Column.

During the official ceremony of welcoming the high ranking guest at the residence of the President of the Republic of Korea, the guard of honor lined up under the sounds of state anthems of the two nations. The two leaders walked along the guard and gave honor to them.


During a meeting in a contracted format, Presidents Islam Karimov and Park Geun-hye discussed priority aspects in the evolution of long-term cooperation as well as pressing issues of regional and international nature that the two countries share interest.

The interaction between Uzbekistan and South Korea is built on the friendship of our two peoples dating back to millennia. Frescos in Afrasiyab depict ceremonies of reception of the ambassador of the ancient Korean state Choson by the ruler of Samarkand – suggestive of the rather deep roots in the ties between the two nations.

The relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea have been advancing consistently thanks to the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership signed in 2006 and the Joint Declaration on the Further Development and Enhancement of Strategic Partnership penned in 2014. These bonds have been consolidating and enriching in substance owing to the regular contacts between the heads of two states and the community of interests of our two peoples.

As Islam Karimov stressed in particular, the Republic of Korea is Uzbekistan’s reliable strategic partner tested by time and that our country attaches a high consideration to this cooperation that is built on openness, mutual understanding and respect. The head of our state underscored that South Korea has earned the reverence of the entire world as a highly advanced country that wields immense economic, scientific, technological, innovative and intellectual potential.

Park Geun-hye put in her turn that Islam Karimov’s first state visit following his reelection as the President of Uzbekistan to South Korea constitutes a big event for her people and a manifestation of firm aspiration to continue and enhance the traditional meetings at the highest level.

The two sides support the internal and foreign policies of each other. On many current issues in global and regional affairs, views and stances of the two countries are similar or close.

The Republic of Uzbekistan supports the well-thought-out, well-balanced foreign policy of the Republic of Korea that is directed at ensuring peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and the Asia-Pacific in general. Seoul appreciates highly the actions of Tashkent designed to cement stability in Central Asia, the policy of non-accession to military-political blocs, and that aimed at promoting mutually rewarding cooperation with all the nations.

Uzbekistan expressed support for the concept of Euro-Asian Initiative. In this regard, the two sides declared their intention to keep with the mutually beneficial interaction directed at the implementation of this scheme, primarily in the sphere of transport and transit.

Uzbekistan and South Korea share unanimity on issues concerning the rational use of water resources.

Inter-parliamentary ties have been growing, while exchange of delegations at all levels has been regular. Our two countries cooperate closely within the frameworks of the United Nations and other international organizations and institutions.

The two Presidents continued their talks in an extended format with the participation of official delegations. The sides deliberated on issues pertaining to the consolidation of cooperation in trade and economic, investment, cultural and humanitarian areas.


Notwithstanding the ongoing global financial and economic crisis and the instability in the world market, the economies of Uzbekistan and South Korea have been showing dynamic development.

The agreements signed and deals reached during the visit by President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-hye to our country in 2014 afforded a new impetus to the evolution of bilateral cooperation. Last year, the volume of mutual trade turnover exceeded two billion dollars.

Following the negotiations, Presidents Islam Karimov and Park Geun-hye signed a joint declaration that reflects a high appreciation of the current state of the mutual cooperation and defines prospective priority dimensions in the development of bilateral relations.

With the participation of the heads of state, a range of documents was approved to fund major investment projects, boost production technologies, bolster extensive introduction of information and communication technologies, to build up cooperation among ministries and other government agencies of the two nations.


As part of the visit by President Islam Karimov, 60 documents in general have been inked to shore up trade and economic, investment, financial and technical cooperation as well as in other spheres totaling practically 7.7 billion dollars.

Later the day, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received the heads of major Korean corporations and companies who have joint business and investment projects in Uzbekistan.

The state visit by the leader of our country to the Republic of Korea continues.

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Today: 15.07.2020
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