Uzbekistan-China: new stage of cooperation – comprehensive strategic partnership

As reported earlier, on 21 June President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping arrived in Uzbekistan with a state visit at the invitation of President Karimov.

An official welcoming ceremony of the Chinese President took place at the Kuksaroy residence on 22 June. The guard of honor was lined up for the high-ranking guest. Islam Karimov and Xi Jinping rose to the podium. The National anthems of Uzbekistan and China played. The two leaders walked along the guard.


During the meeting in narrow format Islam Karimov and Xi Jinping exchanged views on wide specter of issues, concerning the current state and prospects of further development of cooperation between Uzbekistan and China, regional and international topics of mutual interest.

The President of our country welcomed the Chinese President and expressed a sincere respect for the friendly people of China.

We consider the current state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping as a major landmark in the process of successfully developing Uzbek-Chinese cooperation, as a desire of both sides to strengthen interactions. At present, China, as a state, possessing a huge economic, innovative and intellectual potential rightfully plays a leading role in the world economy and politics. Uzbekistan highly values traditional relations of strategic partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation with China, Islam Karimov said.

The Chinese President expressed his appreciation of his yet another visit to Uzbekistan and highlighted steady development of our cooperation in all areas.

I regard the rich history and culture of Uzbekistan with great respect. In 2013 I was in Samarkand, yesterday in Bukhara and I was once again convinced in the high potential of the Uzbek people. Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan has achieved stable political and dynamic economic development, its authority in the international community has been steadily rising. We believe, that Uzbekistan will continue to attain event bigger successes, we are interested in further widening the partnership between our nations, Xi Jinping said.

Since ancient times, the peoples of Uzbekistan and China were linked by mutual trade, mutual enrichment of cultures. Today the relations between Uzbekistan and China have progressed to the level of strategic partnership. The cooperation includes all areas of politics, economy, trade, industry, construction, science, education and culture. Interactions between our countries steadily develop based on such documents as the Joint declaration on establishing strategic partnership, the Agreement on friendship and cooperation, the Joint declaration on further developing and deepening bilateral relations of strategic partnership.

Islam Karimov and Xi Jinping hold regular meetings, exchange views on the issues of strengthening and further widening interactions. The President of the PRC came to Uzbekistan in September 2013 with a state visit. The President of Uzbekistan paid a state visit to China in August 2014. Islam Karimov and Xi Jinping met in September last year in Beijing, within the framework of events, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War.

The positions of the two countries in relation to the issues of international and regional significance are similar or close. This plays an important role in strengthening multilateral ties between our countries. Uzbekistan and China provide mutual political support to each other on the international arena, widening cooperation within the UN, SCO and other international organizations.

During negotiations the parties agreed to consistently develop the political dialogue, further widen cooperation in such spheres as trade, industry, economy, power industry, science and education, culture. The attention was focused on strengthening security and stability in the region, reinforcing joint resistance to international threats and challenges.

The leaders of Uzbekistan and China continued negotiations with participation of official delegations of the two countries. The issues of developing cooperation in trade-economic, investment, financial, technical, energy and cultural-humanitarian spheres, increasing the volume of mutual trade were discussed at the negotiations in extended format.

Most favored nation regime in trade functions between our countries. Intergovernmental meetings on developing trade-economic ties are held regularly. The Uzbek-Chinese intergovernmental committee on cooperation, established in 2011, plays a significant role in developing joint projects, implementing reached agreements.

China is one of the largest trade-economic and investment partners of Uzbekistan. The volumes of mutual trade are dynamically increasing. In four months of 2016 the trade turnover reached 1,4 billion US dollars. The volume of Chinese investments and loans to the Uzbek economy exceeds 6,5 billion US dollars. Over 650 enterprises with Chinese capital operate in our country.

Several large investment projects are underway within partnership of the two countries. The industrial park of high technologies in the form of Jizzakh special industrial zone, established in 2013, is a vivid example. Mobile telephones, sewing machines, construction materials, solar collectors and other products are manufactured in this industrial zone with a branch in Syrdarya region. In collaboration with the Chinese company PolyTechnology, production line of tyres for cars and agricultural machinery as well as conveyor belts is to be launched in Angren.

Construction of four lines of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline system through our territory testifies about the huge potential in oil and gas sector and the mutual interest. China National Petroleum Company (CNPC) actively takes part in exploration and development of prospective hydrocarbon fields in our country. Joint deep processing of natural gas is carried out at the Mubarek Gas Chemical complex.

Chinese business entities took part in the construction of Dekhkanabad potash fertilizers plants and Kungrad soda plant. 20 projects on developing telecommunications networks in our countries have been implemented in cooperation with Huawei. Over 40 projects have been realized in healthcare, education, power energy, transport and other spheres thanks to loans of the China development bank and the Export-import bank of China.

Cooperation in the transport sphere is also broadening. Transportation of goods from China to Europe is done via our country as well. Only through Navoi intermodal logistics center 1,8 thousand tons of cargo were transported in 2015.

Cooperation between our countries in the spheres culture, science, education and tourism is steadily developing as well. The Uzbekistan-China friendship society and China-Central Asia friendship society play a significant role in this regard.

Scientific collaboration between our scientific-technical institutions are developing, student exchanges among higher education institutions are expanding. The Uzbek language is learned in China, the Chinese in Uzbekistan. The Conficius Institutes operate in Tashkent and Samarkand. The Uzbek language is taught at the Minzu University of China and Beijing foreign studies university.

A centre of Uzbekistan studies and educational exchanges has been established at the SCO public diplomacy institute at the Shanghai University.

The days of cinema, arts exhibitions, targeted at strengthening cooperation in the sphere of culture, are held regularly. Chinese artists frequently take part at the Sharq taronalari international music festival. Chinese “Jiangsu Women’s Orchestra” has won the Grand prize of this festival in 2015.

The ties between twin cities of Tashkent and Shanghai, Samarkand and Sian, Samarkand region and Shaanxi province are expanding, which serves to further develop direct exchanges between the regions of our countries.

After concluding negotiations at the Kuksaroy residence, Islam Karimov and Xi Jinping signed the Joint declaration of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the People’s Republic of China, which envisages further elevation of relations of our countries to a level of comprehensive strategic partnership.

Documents between the governments and agencies of the two countries on further developing cooperation in technical, economic, investment, trade and oil-gas spheres as well as on protection of intellectual rights and others were signed.

During the meeting with representatives of mass media, the Heads of state noted that the negotiations were held in mutual trust and constructive mood. It was underlined that on all discussed issues the positions and approaches of the parties are similar or close. Xi Jinping highly assessed the efforts during Uzbekistan’s presidency in the SCO.

Islam Karimov and Xi Jinping visited the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan in the afternoon. The Presidents of the People’s Republic of China and Uzbekistan addressed the members of the Senate and deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The heads of state visited the Mustaqillik (Independence) square. The high-ranking guest laid a wreath to the Monument of independence and humanism, a symbol of our freedom, bright future and noble aspirations. Xi Jinping highly appraised the architectural solutions in the Mustaqillik square, its essence and contents.

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Today: 08.08.2020
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