President Mirziyoyev appraises energy-saving technologies in multi-family houses


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev inspected modern energy-saving boiler systems of multi-storey buildings on Oybek Street in Tashkent on 6 May.

In this country, measures are being taken consistently to raise the prosperity of the population and to ensure uninterrupted supplies of heat and hot water for residential buildings and social sphere facilities.

The Head of State’s resolution dated 20 April 2017 “On a programme for the development of the heat supply system in the period of 2018-2022” is an important guidance document for action to raise this work to a new level.

In accordance with this resolution, large-scale tasks are to be implemented to modernize the heat supply system of Tashkent, to build energy-efficient local boiler systems, to install individual heat supply systems in apartments and to develop the local heat supply system of multi-storey apartment houses and social sphere facilities.

The central heat supply system of Tashkent city was formed in the 1960s and 1970s. And now some problems have arisen in thermal energy and hot water supplies because some boiler equipment and networks are technically and morally worn-out and because of the remoteness of central boiler systems from users. This negatively affects the functioning of heat supplying enterprises and the quality of the provision of thermal energy and hot water.

In accordance with the above resolution, a programme is being drawn up for the construction of modern boiler systems in a number of districts of the capital city and the creation of hot water and heat supply systems on the basis of solar power units for residential buildings and social facilities.

In line with this programme, 211 local boiler systems will be built in the capital city. Specifically, 134 of them will be installed in parts of the roofs of multi-storey buildings and 77 in residential areas. 170 billion soms will be allocated for these purposes with credits from commercial banks.

The boiler systems of apartment houses No 40 and No 42 on Oybek Street are equipped with solar water heaters. These boiler systems are working in test run mode. These ecologically clean boiler systems have a number of advantages.

This 460-million som project was financed by the unitary enterprise Toshissiqquvvati production association.

This boiler system was built on the upper technical floor of the house, and solar energy collecting panels were installed on its roof.

The Head of State inspected the work of this local boiler system.

The main purpose of work to be done in this sphere is to create good conditions for people living in multi-storey buildings, the President said.

In order to further improve the utilities sphere and to raise the quality of services being provided, a transition to thermal energy generation based on solar energy is a requirement of life itself today. In the next three years, a separate system will be worked out for Tashkent. This system will serve to ensure uninterrupted supplies of hot water and thermal energy to apartment houses and social facilities with the use of solar energy, to save energy resources and to raise the wellbeing of people.

The Head of State examined samples of products made by local enterprises producing solar power units.

Instructions were given to use modern technologies and to attract highly qualified specialists to the construction and use of such boiler systems.

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Today: 13.07.2020
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