Dear compatriots!

Dear friends!

At these exciting moments, very few minutes ahead of the new year 2013, I take a great pleasure to express my deepest respect for you all and sincere, heartfelt congratulations.

In the midst of these remarkable moments, bidding farewell to the passing year and evaluating everything we have experienced through this span of time, we have every reason to pay its last tribute with a sense of gratefulness and satisfaction.

This is backed by our confident strides toward furthering the long-term, great goals that our Motherland has set for herself – the goals of building a modern, free and independent state and civil society, of securing sustainable growth rates, high levels of quality of life for our people, cardinal transformation of the appearance of our country and further consolidation of Uzbekistan’s standing in the international arena. 

These noble objectives as well as outcomes of renewing our country, building an affluent and prosperous life, acknowledged today across the globe – all this is primarily the result of everyday selfless labor and efforts, the courage and endurance of every person living in our blessed land, the cohesion and solidarity of the millions of our fellow countrymen and women.

Our most reliable bedrock in achieving the ends we have eyed is the atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness, civil and interethnic harmony reigning in this country – our most critical wealth that we ought to cherish as the apple of the eye.

To have a clearer perception of the depth and scope of the processes of revival and fundamental change underway in our lives, I would like to draw your attention to the following figures and indicators.

Notwithstanding the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, the decreasing growth rates and grave social setbacks, the mounting tension and confrontation around us and beyond, Uzbekistan’s economy has maintained its steady growth at 8.2 percent, and for the last three years it has expanded by 27.7 percent.

In the meantime, it is imperative to stress that 59 percent of national budget expenditures in the passing year have been assigned for the development of social sector. Population real income growth has averaged 17.5 percent in 2012, while the public-sector wages, retired and other allowances as well as student scholarships have increased by 26.5 percent.

The population income growth has led to a considerable enhancement of free funds being deposited in savings accounts, reaching thus 34.6 percent increase in the departing year. In general, however, the volume of individual deposits in savings has multiplied 2.4 times within the last three years – indicative of the steady rise in the living standards and wellbeing of our people.

The appearance of our urban centers and rural areas has been changing radically, as well. In 2012 alone, 9.3 million square meters of housing has been commissioned, including 7.2 million square meters of that in the countryside.

The cases underlining the fundamental transformation of our lives abound also in other spheres and sectors.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate a critically important truth, the certainty that all our accomplishments have been possible, first and foremost, thanks to the rising consciousness and worldview, the firm confidence in the future, the social enthusiasm and civic position of our people, primarily of our younger generation who have been growing to become a decisive force in our society. Such an attitude to life creates a solid and reliable foundation for the present and the future of our nation.

I would take this occasion to express my sincere gratitude to you, dear compatriots, heroes of all our achievements and successes, for your priceless input into the prosperity of our country, on our way to making Uzbekistan a well-deserved part of the advanced democratic world.

Dear friends!

On these unforgettable minutes, entering the new year with gracious intentions and aspirations, every one of us asks the Almighty to keep the most precious good, namely, the peace and harmony in our country, and to add up to happiness and welfare in our homes.

We have announced the year 2013 as the Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity. The principal goals we have set out to achieve include addressing the contemporary priority tasks designed to securing the interests of our people, to getting every person’s and every family’s hopes and dreams to come true, to striving for further affluence and beautification in our towns and villages.

In the coming year, we project the continuation of sustainable development with economic growth rates no less than 8 percent, the consolidation of its competitiveness, modernization and diversification, comprehensive cementation of guarantees for property owners, extensive support for small business and private entrepreneurship and farmer movement, as well as broadened powers for the institution of mahalla.

In the new year, we intend to push for substantial rise in the real incomes of population, particularly in salaries, retiree pensions, government scholarships and social allowances by at least 23 percent.

I feel confident that all the programs and action plans we have drafted will serve to secure the year 2013 as affluent and prosperous, more successful and eventful for every one of us.

My dear compatriots!

Allow me to cordially congratulate you all again on the New Year 2013!

May the new year bring good and opulence, happiness and joy to our families!

May peace and harmony reign in our homes and Motherland, and we pray for clear skies above us!

Let me wish sound health, every success and the best of luck to you all in the new year.

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Islam Karimov,

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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