Esteemed compatriots!

Dear friends!

It takes me a great pleasure to sincerely congratulate you, and the entire multiethnic people of our country in your representation, on the twentieth jubilee of the Republican Interethnic Cultural Center.

It is deeply symbolic that we mark this outstanding date right in the wake of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Uzbekistan's independence. We first of all see in this a tangible testimony to the vital significance attached to securing interethnic harmony in our country from the very first days of our independent development.

Celebrating this date, all of us, the representatives of diverse ethnic groups living in Uzbekistan, pay tribute to the fact that people of varying cultures and civilizations have resided in peace and concord on this blessed and eternally hospitable land during the millennia-old history of our Motherland. That has always facilitated the shaping out of a particular mentality in our people distinct with tolerance, compassion, love for peace and the generosity of soul.

Such an ethnic diversity and at once the unity of our people is not merely a unique peculiarity, but also an enormous wealth, whose advantageous and mutually enriching implication for every one of us is hard to overestimate.

I feel confident that you will agree with me in that our greatest capital, the principal achievement of ours is first and foremost the peaceful sky above our Homeland, the interethnic and civil harmony, the environment of friendship and cohesion reigning in our society.

Representatives of more than 130 ethnic groups live currently in our Republic as a single family, in friendship and mutual understanding – the groups with equal rights and opportunities for comprehensive advancement of their ethnic originality, language, customs and traditions, for their reciprocal enrichment. We highly appreciate the input being made by them with their selfless labor and efforts into preserving the peaceful and prosperous life in the country, into implementing the wide-ranging reforms across all areas in order for our Motherland to thrive further, into lifting its eminence in the international arena.

It is noteworthy that normative fundamentals and the essential environment have been created in Uzbekistan during independence years to foster interethnic and interreligious harmony. Nurturing and further reinforcement of the culture of tolerance has come to be one of the priority aspects of government policy.

Deserving special emphasis is that the cultural and ethnic diversity is considered in our nation an integral part of our life, a diversity that facilitates stability and is critical in the consistent movement of our society toward enhancing democratic reforms. It is a variety that shapes a peerless rich palette of diverse national cultures in our common home we call Uzbekistan.

I would like to express my deep respect and earnest gratitude to the leaders and activists of all the ethnic cultural centers for their unselfish and noble work in the name of perpetuating peace and welfare on our land, for the future of our posterity, further establishment of mutual understanding, humanism and benevolence in our society. Pleasant to note that the multifarious activities of the Republican Interethnic Cultural Center – a genuine home of friendship for the twenty years of its existence – are the practical reflection of such gracious goals and objectives.

I cordially wish you all, dear friends, a sound health and happiness, wellbeing to your families, new successes in the noble and rather responsible work for the good and the future of the ethnic groups living in Uzbekistan.

Islam Karimov, 
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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Today: 08.08.2020
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