State-calls to Uzbekistan

President Meets with UK Defense Secretary
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with State Secretary for Defense of the United Kingdom Philip Hammond MP at the Oqsaroy February 28.

The head of our state noted during the meeting that the event presented with a good opportunity for a detailed exchange of views on the current state of Uzbek-British relations, prospective priorities of cooperation, and for evaluation of situation in the wider region.

Great Britain is considered in Uzbekistan one of the world’s leading nations wielding tremendous political, economic and humanitarian potential, rich ancient history and culture.


Meeting at the Oqsaroy
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Special Representative of the President of the French Republic, Minister of Transport Thierry Mariani at the Oqsaroy February 17.

Once the talks commenced, Minister Mariani handed President Nicolas Sarkozy’s greeting letter to the head of our state on the occasion of twentieth anniversary of diplomatic relations established between Uzbekistan and France.

President of Uzbekistan conveyed cordial gratitude for the congratulations and expressed warm wishes for the French leader. Islam Karimov noted that in Uzbekistan, France is considered a long-term and reliable partner, interaction with which traces deep into historical past, successfully developing in the current stage across diverse areas.


Islam Karimov Meets with ADB President
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the Oqsaroy February 16 met with President of the Asian Development Bank Haruhiko Kuroda who arrived in Uzbekistan to partake in the international conference “Fostering an Educated and Intellectually Advanced Generation – Critical Prerequisite of Sustainable Development and Modernization of Country” in progress in Tashkent.

Greeting the guest, the head of our state noted that the ADB is by right one of the most prominent and influential international financial institutions with which Uzbekistan is tied with long-standing and reliable bonds of partnership. Testifying to this fact is the bilateral constructive cooperation that has led to Asian Development Bank approving thirty-five joint projects totaling more than 8.6 billion US dollars with ADB funding share exceeding 3.8 billion dollars.


Meeting at the Oqsaroy
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grischenko at the Oqsaroy February 6.

Greeting the guest, the head of our state noted that the meeting presents a good opportunity to exchange views across a wide spectrum of issues pertaining to Uzbek-Ukrainian cooperation.

Uzbekistan and Ukraine have hoarded a tremendous practice of fruitful interaction in political, trade-economic and investment, cultural and humanitarian spheres. The relations between our two countries are based on a solid normative and agreement foundation that has generated a facilitating environment for charting a way forward across a whole range of mutually advantageous cooperation.


Meeting at the Oqsaroy
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Park Hee-Tae, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, at the Oqsaroy on January 10.

The head of our state noted at the start of conversation that for Uzbekistan, the Republic of Korea has been a time-tested strategic partner reliable in every respect, the one who has been consistent in assisting our country in the implementation of wide-ranging national programs of cardinal reforms and thoroughgoing modernization of economy and social sphere.


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Oqsaroy January 6 met with Chen Zhili, Vice Chair of Standing Committee at National People’s Congress of China, who arrived in Uzbekistan as a special envoy of President of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao.
Greeting the guest, the head of our state suggested that from the moment it attained independence, Uzbekistan in its aspiration for development and prosperity has always counted on the firm support from China – a close and reliable partner.

President meets with WHO Director General
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with Director General of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan at the Oqsaroy November 26.

Greeting the guest, the head of our state suggested the visit underlines the tremendous significance attached by the international community, by the WHO in particular, to the cardinal reforms in Uzbekistan’s healthcare system.

Our country places critical emphasis on relations with the World Health Organization. The jointly elaborated strategic aspects of cooperation between Uzbekistan and WHO are penned in biennial agreements. The next such document for 2012-2013 was signed last September.

Noteworthy has been Uzbekistan’s election to WHO Executive Board for 2011-2014.


Meeting at the Oqsaroy
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the Oqsaroy November 26 met with Leo Bokeria, director of Russia’s Bakulev Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Welcoming the guest, the head of our state noted that Leo Bokeria is one of those who always enjoy great respect in Uzbekistan, especially by people who discovered the delight of life anew owing to the outstanding surgeon’s enduring talent and experience.

Leo Bokeria has been celebrated not merely as a notable doctor of our times, but also as the one making immense input into fostering cooperation between medical institutions of Uzbekistan and Russia. Around a hundred specialists from our country have undergone education and internship since 1994 at the research center headed by him.


Uzbekistan, Hungary Set for New Horizons of Cooperation
On the invitation of President Islam Karimov, President of the Republic of Hungary Pal Schmitt arrived in Uzbekistan November 6 with official visit.

The visit’s major events started on November 7 from an official ceremony of meeting at the Kuksaroy country complex with members of delegations, chiefs of diplomatic missions and representative offices of international organizations accredited in Uzbekistan.

A guard of honor lined up to greet the high-ranking guest. Islam Karimov and Pal Schmitt rose to the podium to pay tribute to state anthems of our two countries. The Presidents reviewed the guard of honor.

Following the ceremony, the heads of the two states started bilateral negotiations with a conversation in a contracted manner.


Islam Karimov Meets with US Secretary of State
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the Oqsaroy October 22 met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is on working visit in our country.

Uzbekistan and the United States have accumulated a substantial experience of productive dialogue on the wide range of issues to bring about a qualitatively new phase of bilateral cooperation in political, trade-economic, investment and humanitarian realms, in the spirit of partnership and mutual understanding.

During the meeting with Hillary Clinton, President Islam Karimov said he shares the US President’s belief that our countries should continue to work together toward an even more robust partnership built on principles of respect and confidence.

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